OVERVIEW: Jonesboro is the second largest city in the state in terms of square mileage area — but nowhere near second in the state in terms of fire department size or capability. This inequity not only hinders the department’s ability to respond, but also raises the cost of insurance for homeowners and property owners. Great communities do not skimp on fire protection.


  • New Fire Stations — growth and development have presented the need for two additional fire stations to provide optimal fire and disaster protection. This would also present the opportunity for decreased insurance rates.

  • Equipping These New Stations — in order to best serve our community, fire departments must be updated and stocked with the proper safety gear and equipment.

  • Hiring New Additional Employees — each of the new fire stations will require the employment of 12 new firefighters, with an additional nine firefighters needed for the current stations and staff.
    Accurate staffing is crucial in order to keep the fire stations open and provide prompt service.


  • New Fire Trucks — five new fire engines and two ladder trucks were purchased in 2006 to replace a dilapidated fleet. There are still some old models that need to be replaced in order to maintain the safety of firefighters and citizens of Jonesboro.


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