OVERVIEW: Some places feel bigger than they actually are; others seem smaller. Those perceptions often reflect the differences between great communities and others. Great communities with the population of Jonesboro have exemplary amenities such as an aquatics center, a volleyball complex, museums, and parks and trails. That’s because great communities understand the critical importance of being a hometown that’s tough to leave—and easy to come back to—for its best and brightest as they grow up, get educated, begin careers and start families.


  • An Aquatics Center — one that rivals any other in the state! Swimming improves the cardiovascular system, endurance and muscle strength. It is a form of exercise that can be performed at almost any age and every child should take swimming lessons for safety reasons.

  • Enhanced Mosquito Control — the battle with these annoying insects is easy to win; it just takes funding for the program.

  • A Volleyball Complex — the Junior Olympic program in Jonesboro contributes to the high school dominance by NEA teams in state championships. With nearly 40 teams across all age groups, Jonesboro should host a regional tournament like other volleyball hotbed communities do.

  • A Tennis Center — a venue where players from ages 3 to 93 (regardless of their abilities) can play, practice and improve their skills at a sport that is truly the "sport of a lifetime." Plus, this center will be capable of hosting state and regional tournaments that will bring much needed revenue to the city of Jonesboro.

  • Beautification of the City — enhances community experience and encourages residency.

  • Recreation Facilities — provide a safe space for the community to gather and promote a healthy lifestyle while increasing property value and tourism.

  • Transportation Services — provide citizens with transportation options and opportunities, decreasing traffic congestion and pollution as well as increasing community funds.

  • Trail Systems — walking and bike trails to ensure the safety of our pedestrians as well as encourage healthy lifestyles.

  • Museums — educational, spark interest and inspire the community and provide a culturally enriching environment.

  • Parks — city parks and open spaces improve physical and mental health. This strengthens our community while also adding aesthetic benefits to Jonesboro.

  • Arts — provide a creative outlet for members of the community as well as promote tourism, showing what makes Jonesboro unique.

  • Libraries — equip not only students but the entire city with free, educational resources and preserve the history of Jonesboro.

  • Sidewalks and Roads — repair and maintenance of sidewalks and roads to improve pedestrian safety.


If you support Jonesboro’s safety, growth and future, it’s easy to show it — become part of Team Jonesboro!

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