OVERVIEW: Every growing city is challenged at first by growth in crime, because increased population and annexation can quickly overrun law enforcement’s ability to maintain order. Great communities meet that challenge by making it a priority, because they realize that without safety and peace of mind among residents, cities falter and fail.


  • Police Communication System — necessary for accurate and effective communication used to ensure the safety of the city of Jonesboro.

  • New School Resource Officers (SROs) — responsible for crime prevention and safety in schools, increasing the protection of our children and making them feel secure in their learning environment.

  • Replacement of the Downtown Justice Complex

  • Equipment — updated and improved equipment allows the Jonesboro Police Department to adequately serve our community.

  • Cameras — body and car cameras provide transparency and increase officer accountability which is beneficial for not only the police department but the citizens of Jonesboro.

  • Training — initial and continued training is imperative for police officers. New technology and ever-changing situations require an extensive knowledge of the law and the best way to protect and serve our city.

  • Bulletproof vests — increasing the safety of both the officers and their police dogs. (recent incident: police K9 was shot in the line of duty, saved by his donated bulletproof vest)


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